Scheduling an Appointment for Mpox Vaccination

MPX Impfung
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Eligible individuals [1] who are meeting the requirements determined by the STIKO may contact Aids-Hilfe Konstanz to schedule a vaccination appointment. Please do call our office (+49 7531 282188).

The actual vaccination appointment is then being scheduled according the current regulations regarding prioritization in cooperation with the specialist for internal medicine, hematology/oncology, HIV within the Facharztzentrum at the Constance Clinical Center.

Individuals who already received an appointment are asked to bring along the following documents:

  1. Information Sheet for Vaccination Against Monkeypox, Medical History for Vaccination Against Monkeypox and Declaration of Consent for Vaccination Against Monkeypox
  2. Insurance card of your health insurance carrier
  3. Vaccination booklet
  4. German I/D card (Personalausweis) or other proof of residency within Germany

Detailed information regarding Mpox and/or Mpox vaccination is available online

[1] The Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, and Integration of the state Baden-Württemberg advised on 28 July 2022 that the agreement with the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Baden-Württemberg defines: "Individuals who are eligible to receive such vaccination are all citizens who reside in Germany, irrespective whether such individuals are covered by a public health insurance carrier (thus including individuals who are covered under special health provisions, i.e. asylum seekers who are eligible for certain benefits according to AsylbLG, members of the Federal Police, soldiers, individuals who are having private health insurance). Thus, the governing principle is residency. Individuals who are residents of Switzerland have to get in touch with the Swiss health system as these are not covered under the above cited agreement."

In addition, the Ministry advised on 29 July 2022 of the following: "Individuals who are residing in Germany (including i.e. non-EU citizen) may receive the vaccination. However, individuals residing abroad have to contact the respective country's health system regarding receiving a Monkeypox vaccination."