Rapid HIV/HCV Tests

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We offer free and anonymous Rapid HIV and Hepatitis C (HCV) Tests with face to face counseling at our offices in Konstanz and Singen.

The rapid HIV test is a test that is easily carried out. A small amount of blood is drawn from the fingertip and placed in a test kit. The rapid test shows the result after about 15 minutes. The rapid test does not detect the HIV virus itself in the blood but rather the antibodies that the immune system forms to fight the virus. For some people, it takes up to three months for these antibodies to form and become detectable. Therefore, the rapid test cannot reliably rule out an HIV infection earlier than 12 weeks after a possible HIV transmission.

In cooperation with Landkreis Konstanz's regional health conference´s project "KonHEP" we offer rapid hepatitis C tests, as well. Such test is responding to antibodies that formed after an infection. The rapid test can provide a meaningful result about 10 weeks after a possible HCV transmission. Important to note: Rapid HCV tests are not suitable for individuals who have had a previous hepatitis C infection, including those who received respective medical treatment for such infection. Antibodies remain in such individuals' blood and the rapid test would respond to these, always.

An appointment by phone via +49 7531 21113 is required!